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Tryouts are held at the pool at 6:30pm, and no prior scheduling is required, make sure you arrive 15 minutes early to talk with a Coach on deck about trying out for the team. 

Make sure you bring a copy (or original) or your swimmer’s birth certificate or passport on the day you bring your swimmer to try out, as well as your checkbook in case you would like to join the day your swimmer passes our ability requirements.

Once at the pool, find a Coach and introduce yourself. Be prepared to get in the water. Our minimum stroke requirement is 50 yards (2 laps) of freestyle. Technique does not have to be perfect but the swimmer should be able to power through the water without struggling. All swimmers will be evaluated.

A registration packet will be available for you to fill out before your next practice or available here:

Download Registration Packet

Download, print, fill out, and bring it to the pool deck.

For the tryout, swimmers will need a well fitted swimsuit and goggles. Bring a towel and other appropriate warm clothing for going home. MBA finds it necessary to alter our practice schedule from time to time, and it is in your best interest to contact us prior to coming onto the pool deck, feel free to contact us at

Mt. Baldy Aquatics in Claremont, California